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Staff Experience

JP Associates is a vision of Jaywant (Jay) Pansare who has over 34 years of experience in the Elevator Industry.

His career has spanned starting as an engineer with Westinghouse Elevator Company, Hyundai Elevator Company (JV with Westinghouse), Technology Transfer to Mitsubishi Elevator Company to Otis Elevator Company. He has been involved in the design, development, manufacturing and quality & reliability fields.

JP Associates has a group of Technical experts who have completed many high rise projects around the world in their career. These projects include Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE), T1 Tower & Granite Tower (Paris), Lamar Towers and SAMBA bank (Saudi Arabia), Moscow World Trade Center (Moscow), UOB Plaza and Republic Plaza (Singapore), ELCO Tower and Hospital (Israel) and several projects in United States.

Jaywant Pansare - Elevator, Escalator, and Vertical Transportation Consultant

JP Associates has extensive experience in conducting Building Traffic Analysis and providing most optimum solution for traffic flow. Our expertise is in Office building, Mixed buildings and Residential Towers. We will handle projects from Start to Completion including inspection of installations. We also provide solutions for Modernization of Lifts.

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Education and Experience

B.E-Mechanical Engineering from University of Mysore in the year 1986

Tilak has Technical background in the Vertical Transportation field.

He was trained as an Engineer and joined OTIS Elevator Company in 1994 as an Engineer and underwent an intense training in OTIS Engineering Centre in Penang Malaysia.

His training included designing Elevator and Escalator components, Installation of complete 8 stop elevator in the Test Tower and then running and trouble shooting.

He worked for OTIS for over 5 years with Jay Pansare in the Manufacturing and Supply chain fields and has expert knowledge in Elevator and Escalator Systems.

He has joined the JP Associates as Technical Director in 2015 and worked on project in Bangalore



Elevator installations at job sites (3 Month) at Bangalore

Workshop on Flexible Manufacturing System conducted by OTIS, PAO Headquarters (2 weeks)

Instructors’ Training on Flexible Manufacturing System.

Presentation Skills and train the trainer program

ISO 14000 Awareness and EH & S Awareness.

World Class Manufacturing System

Supplier Chain Management system


Significant Achievements:

Core member of the new product development team focused in new product development in India incorporating Japanese technology from Malaysia.

Responsible for supplier survey, evaluation, costing and development of major components of the new state of the art elevator system.

Played a key role in manufacturing process of the end-product in line with the highest of quality standards.




Shashi is an Electrical Engineer who worked for OTIS Elevator Company (A division of United Technologies) for 7 years as Electrical Controls Engineer and later Manager. He is thoroughly versed in Controller features and programming of these various feature.

He was trained as an Elevator / Escalator design engineer in OTIS Engineering Center in Penang, Malaysia for 6 months

Shashi has been in the Electrical and Electronics field for the last 21 years and has supported the product lines in the field installation and servicing of Elevators and Escalators.