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Our experience and capabilities in the Vertical Transportation field includes:Escalator Dimensions

  • Writing Specifications for the Vertical Transportation requirements for the project and outlining the Codes to be complied by the manufacturer
  • Conducting Traffic Analysis for the project using Simulation tools and Optimization of the Equipment and Building space while meeting the Traffic flow criterion for Round Trip time, Average waiting time, Handling Capacity
  • Verification of the Compliance to National and local Elevator and Escalator codes during installation
  • Calculation of Structural forces in the Pit, Hoistway, Rails and Brackets and Over head
  • Optimizing Power consumption and introducing Regenerative drives whenever possible
  • Building sway analysis due to wind forces for buildings over 100 ft (30 m)
  • Seismic Zone Safety devices and calculations
  • Hoistway and Elevator Entrance DimensionsReduction of Noise and Vibration Analysis by applying proven techniques
  • Calculation of Piston and Stack effect and reduction of these conditions
  • Roping arrangement to reduce the rope noise and increase the life of the rope
  • Inertia device application and reduction of rope sway in high rise applications / buildings

If you are starting a project for a new or existing building we have the experience to assist you in the conceptual stages. We will assist you to optimize the Hoistway, Pit and Overhead Dimensions, and to find the most cost effective equipment for your project. We will compare the equipment limitations from different elevator manufacturers and help you make the right choice. 

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